The Lodge of Hope and Charity No. 377

Our History

One of the earliest records of Freemasonry in England is contained in the diary of Elias Ashmole, the Antiquarian (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford), wherein under date October 16th, A.D. 1646, is written: "I was made a freemason at Warrington in Lancashire".

The first Grand Lodge of England was formed in A.D. 1717, but owing to differences of opinion a rival Grand Lodge was formed in A.D. 1751, thereafter calling themselves the "Ancients" and the original Grand Lodge the "Moderns".

The first Freemasons Lodge which has been traced in Kidderminster was "Charted on the 10th November 1772" under the aegis of the Ancients. No name of the Lodge has been found, but it was numbered 178. It ceased to exist in the 1790's.

In October 1816, United Grand Lodge warranted Faithful Lodge, number 680, meeting at the Black Horse Inn, Kidderminster. Certainly it exhibited no fidelity to its place of meeting and maybe its Members had a commensurate degree of faith, since it was erased from Grand Lodge records in 1844.

The Lodge of Hope and Charity, originally numbered 791, began its unbroken history in 1824, having two changes of number and becoming 377 in 1863.

Today, our lodge has members who come from varied backgrounds, including a newspaper editor, engineers, salesmen, accountants,conference organisers, motor dealers, police officers and teachers to name but a few professions.